StackOverflow Data Hackathon 19th Aug 2019

Welcome to tonight’s data hackathon! :wave:

Count are excited to have partnered up with StackOverflow to publish all the results from their annual Developer Survey #DevSurvey2019 on Count.

The survey asked nearly 90,000 people who code a comprehensive set of questions about their demographics, their tech preferences and their working lives. It’s a really interesting way to look at global trends in tech. :man_technologist::woman_technologist::chart_with_upwards_trend:

We will be using Count’s new data publishing platform during the session. It only takes a few minutes to learn, so don’t worry if you’ve not used it before. You will be able to prepare data tables within Count to download for use in other tools, if you prefer.

How the hackathon will work :stopwatch:

  1. Welcome and introduction to the community
  2. Introduction to the #DevSurvey2019 data
  3. Head to Count to get started
  4. In your groups, look through the data to identify what questions you want to ask (and look at what others have discovered, for inspiration)
  5. Click on Let’s go to learn how to use Count
  6. Share your findings:
  • On the Count platform
  • By replying to this thread
  • On social media with the hashtag #devsurvey2019 @counthq


Pick one of the following challenges:

Challenge 1: You work for Stackoverflow and want to know who gets the most and least value from your tool? Create a profile for each that includes age, languages, etc. (anything you think is relevant). Can you think of any ways to increase engagement with certain groups?

Challenge 2: If you could go back 5-10 years and learn one technology (language, web framework, etc.), which would it be and why? Try to look at multiple facets of desirability (e.g. salary, job satisfaction, and job prospects), not just one.

Submitting your findings :trophy:
At the end of the evening, participants will be able to present back their findings. To submit your response to the challenge, reply to this thread with a link to your findings and a short explanation. (If using Count, share the chart within the Count platform and then copy and paste the link into your post on this topic.)

There will be a small prize available for the winner and you’ll be able to vote by liking each others’ entries.

Important notes :warning:

  • We are still developing the Count platform at the moment: take care not to refresh the page or press the back button or you will lose your queries.
  • Let us know if something isn’t working as you expected it to: ask one of the facilitators or use the feedback button below each cell
  • To vote or comment on people’s submissions, you’ll need to sign up as a community member on the top right of this page. (It only takes a few seconds.)

Simple chart but the shape tells an interesting story about when to start coding…

Light-hearted, but a look a whether turning it off/on increases your pay…

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Interview questions per language

Nice! I decided to split the question by education level rather than salary and shows a (worrying?!) trend too…